10 things more likely to happen than Leicester's fairy tale Premier League title triumph

Leicester City fans celebrate outside the King Power stadium after their team won the Premier League title.
Leicester City fans celebrate outside the King Power stadium after their team won the Premier League title.PHOTO: REUTERS

Leicester City's mercurial rise in the English Premier League has finally reached a climatic conclusion. The foxes clinched their very first title in their 132-year history - all this after being anchored to the foot of the table a mere year ago.

Pegged as potential relegation candidates for the 2015/2016 season, bookmakers gave them a 5,000-1 shot of winning the league.

Leicester's astronomical odds of clinching the title is highly justified, their victory is perhaps one of sport's greatest David and Goliath stories. Former champions Chelsea have an annual wage bill four times higher than the foxes at £215.6m (S$423.75m) compared to their modest £48.2m. Their entire squad costs just over £54m, Manchester City's totals to a hefty £418.8m.

For a scale of just how remarkable and mind-bogglingly improbable it is that Leicester are the new Premier League champions, here are 10 things that are more likely to happen.

1. Jamie Vardy to star in the next James Bond movie - 500 to 1

Chances that Jamie Vardy hangs up his boots for a tuxedo is more likely to occur, according to Paddy Power. Vardy is currently in the running for the Premier League's golden boot, just three goals shy from current leader Harry Kane who has scored 25 goals so far. That golden boot would probably go really well with a golden gun.

2. Alien existence to be proven in 2017 - 100 to 1

The human race bumping into ET is more likely to happen in the next year compared to Leicester's victory, according to bookies.

3. Baby Murray to win more Grand Slams than Serena Williams - 500 to 1

Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears gave birth to a baby girl on Feb 7. The odds for their daughter, Sophia Olivia, to eclipse Williams' tally of Grand Slam victories (currently at 21) is 10 times more likely to happen compared to Leicester's feat.

4. Prince Harry to marry Emma Watson - 40 to 1

The likelihood of Emma Watson saying "I Do" to Prince Harry is far more probable. Harry Potter themed royal wedding anyone?

5. Prime Minister Simon Cowell - 500 to 1

Imagine the fun should Simon Cowell switch careers and sit behind a desk at 10, Downing Street instead of a judging table. Still, 10 times more likely to happen, according to Ladbrokes.

6. Discovery of the Loch Ness monster - 500 to 1

Nessie sightings in the deep freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands have intrigued people for decades. Ladbrokes has chances for the discovery of the cryptic monster at only 500 to 1.

7. Sir Alex Ferguson wins Strictly Come Dancing - 1,000 to 1

Chances for that Sir Alex struts the Salsa on one of Britain's most popular television shows is still five times more likely to occur than Claudio Ranieri lifting the Premier League trophy, according to Ladbrokes.

8. Dating a millionaire (in America) - 215 to 1

With 215 to 1 odds, sipping wine and eating caviar with a millionaire is far more likely to happen. Now, if only you placed a $200 wager on Leicester to win the league, you could be the millionaire yourself.

9. Odds of being born with 11 fingers or toes - 500 to 1

Having an 11th appendage has odds sitting at 500 to 1. This is 10 times more likely than potential James Bond Jamie Vardy leading Leicester to a league title. On a separate note, having 1,000 friends on Facebook means knowing two people with an 11th finger or toe. Creepy.

10. Elvis still alive - 2,000 to 1

The King left the building nearly 39 years ago. Amazingly, bookmakers have Elvis making a seemingly impossible return as a more likely event than Leicester being crowned Premier League champions.