10 must-reads for today

The triumphant Singapore Lions showing off the Tiger Cup trophy after beating Vietnam 1-0 in the final in Hanoi in 1998.
The triumphant Singapore Lions showing off the Tiger Cup trophy after beating Vietnam 1-0 in the final in Hanoi in 1998.ST FILE PHOTO

1 Lessons from '98 Lions

The beleaguered Singapore football team going to November's South-east Asian championship can seek inspiration in the 1998 Lions' exploits. Branded no-hopers back then, they eventually emerged champions after beating hosts Vietnam in the final.

2 Guiding HDB town design

Each of the 24 HDB housing estates will have its own design guide to enhance its distinct identity. The guides, to be launched over the next five years, will also ensure coherent development over the decades to come, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said yesterday. 

3 Climate-resilient Asean

Asean MPs have a big role to play in building a climate-resilient region, especially as many of Asean's largest cities, located in low-lying coastal areas, would be affected badly by climate change and rising sea levels. This was one of four areas that MPs could focus on, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean told a gathering of regional parliamentarians yesterday. 

4 Boost for China-Africa ties

A new chapter of China-Africa cooperation has begun, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared at the close of a summit with the continent's leaders, as China seeks to strengthen and deepen its ties with Africa. Meanwhile, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called for knowledge sharing with China at a time of rapid technological development.

5 US, Pakistan seek a reset

Top United States diplomat Mike Pompeo arrives in Pakistan today seeking to overhaul the entire premise of the two countries' strategic partnership. It will not be easy as tensions have been building up for decades, and are now fuelled by the emergence of China and India. 

6 Behind the billionaire bling

India's super rich, the subject of a recent book by James Crabtree on the "billionaire raj", are not all crazy, rich wheeler-dealers, but India could do more to tackle issues of inequality and crony capitalism, says associate editor Vikram Khanna (above). 

7 Dad on Li Shengwu's case

Mr Lee Hsien Yang said that a decision by the apex court to allow his son Li Shengwu's appeal showed there were serious issues that needed "proper consideration". The three-judge Court of Appeal asked if the court has jurisdiction over a foreign-based defendant. 

8 More calling dementia line

The Alzheimer's Disease Association's dementia helpline has received 40 per cent more calls over the past few years, a stark sign that the nation is greying.

9 Glitch led to OCBC outage

It was software failure, followed by human oversight, that resulted in a disruption in OCBC Bank's services on Saturday. 

Actor Yoshi Sudarso stars in Buffalo Boys.
Actor Yoshi Sudarso stars in Buffalo Boys. PHOTO: SHAW ORGANISATION

10 Hoofing it to the Oscars

Buffalo Boys, a period adventure movie by first-time director Mike Wiluan, has been picked as Singapore's submission to the Academy Awards in the Foreign Language Film category.


Nostalgic treat

Drawn to the nostalgia of pushcart ice cream, customers have been going to Mr Chua Kheng Lee for years. The fact that he charges only 50 cents is likely an incentive too. http://str.sg/omTv


Keeping Eurasian heritage alive

One started a Facebook group to connect Eurasians in Singapore and abroad, while another tries to preserve Eurasian heritage through food. They are featured in video series Heroes Among Us. http://str.sg/ompa

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