Football: Roma face partial stadium closure after anti-Napoli chants

ROME (REUTERS) - Roma will have two sections of their Stadio Olimpico closed for the next two home Serie A matches after fans aimed "territorially discriminatory" chants towards Napoli supporters during Wednesday's Italian Cup clash.

"Roma will be punished with a fine of 50,000 euros (S$85,800)and ordered to play one match with the Curva Sud and Curva Nord without fans, and also ending the suspension of the penalty established on Oct 21," the league said in a statement on Thursday.

A one-game ban was handed out for chants during Roma's 3-2 semi-final first-leg win over Napoli on Wednesday, while a further suspension was added following a suspended punishment for similar chants during a league match earlier in the season.

Roma fans in both sections of the ground were heard chanting "Vesuvius, wash them (with) fire" towards opposition supporters.

The two sections, traditionally home to the club's hard-core "ultra" support, will be closed for Roma's matches with Sampdoria on Feb 16 and Inter Milan on March 1.

Roma were also fined 30,000 euros and Napoli 15,000 euros after their fans threw fireworks at each other.

Territorially discriminatory chanting has become a major issue in Italy, where there is a tradition of people in the richer north of the country insulting those from the poorer south.