Football: Ramsey, whose goal was disallowed for offside, calls for use of video technology

Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey looks dejected as he holds onto the goal net.
Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey looks dejected as he holds onto the goal net.PHOTO: REUTERS

(REUTERS) - Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has called for video technology to help with crucial decisions after his goal against Liverpool during Monday's 0-0 draw at the Emirates Stadium was ruled out for offside.

He ran through onto Santi Cazorla's pass in the first half and slotted home past Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, only to realise that the assistant referee had raised his flag.

"I thought I held my run a bit, I thought I was onside but I obviously took a glance over to make sure and saw the flag was up," the 24-year-old told British media.

"The replays suggest I was onside - it should have stood - but obviously the linesman thought it was offside.

"At the end of the day, we should have been 1-0 up. To look at a video for 20 seconds would have maybe changed the outcome of the game," the Wales international said.

"I think we could take a leaf out of rugby - they do it really well. You see it on the screens, they go off for 20 seconds and they get the decision right in the end," Ramsey said.

Arsenal lie ninth in the table on four points and travel to St James' Park to take on Newcastle United on Saturday.