Football: Pregnant woman scolds 'good Samaritan' referee

LISBON (REUTERS) - Portuguese top-flight referee Duarte Gomes was left speechless when after ceding his place in a queue to a pregnant woman, she accused him of ripping off her club and threatened retaliation by her future child.

"While queuing at a kiosk to buy a newspaper I see a pregnant lady behind me, a very expectant one, waiting in line," Gomes wrote in a post on the social network Facebook.

"I tried to be a good Samaritan and do the good deed of the day: 'Please go first, I said'," he wrote.

She thanked him and Gomes added: "You're welcome. Maximum priority to those who need it."

He did not, however, expect her next reply to be: "What I really need is for him to be born, grow up quickly and kick your backside so hard that you stop ripping off my club".

Gomes, who has officiated in World Cup qualifiers and the Europa League, said he was used to dealing with comments about his refereeing from "upset gentlemen" but this time was caught by surprise.

"I did not answer, did not feel like smiling. Nothing came out... I confess I did not anticipate such a fountain of extreme emotion," he wrote.

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