ST Run: Firms see ST Run as a way for staff to bond

Forget family gatherings or birthday parties. For local construction and infrastructure company Samwoh, The Straits Times Run is a way to forge better relationships between its staff and their families.

This is the second year running that the building material supplier has signed up for the July 16 run.

Mr Daniel Tan, co-chairman of Samwoh's recreation club, said: "The ST Run is quite a high-profile run and it's part of our employee engagement efforts.

"This is one way that we can strengthen our family culture at Samwoh.

"If we have a stronger bond, we can work better together and leverage each other's strengths."

The event is also an opportunity for its employees to "de-stress and achieve a good work-life balance", said Ms Bernice Ong.

The property development executive added: "It's a very good time to bond with your colleagues in a very casual setting.

"Usually, we work on different tasks, so we don't really have the time to chit-chat on more casual topics."

Samwoh employees at last year's ST Run. The firm is participating in the event for the second year running.
Samwoh employees at last year's ST Run. The firm is participating in the event for the second year running. PHOTO: SAMWOH CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT

The 32-year-old, who will be participating in this year's 5km fun run with her nephew, has also met people with similar interests through the run. The piloxing practitioner found a new fitness classmate after speaking to her colleague's relative at last year's race.

High-precision manufacturer Beyonics also stressed the importance of team bonding, and views the ST Run as an "excellent opportunity to improve the health, wellness and culture of the company".

So far, 94 of its employees have signed up for the run.

Said chief executive officer Scott Smith: "Corporate wellness equals the company's success. We can interact and bond, which is an essential attribute while working together as a team.

"We get to know each other better, spending time together outside of working hours."

Both companies have also signed up for the corporate tentage package for the annual run, a new feature introduced this year.

Priced from $2,500 upwards for a 6m x 6m tent, there will be a total of six hospitality tents at the Padang. Companies can include food and drinks at $8 a head.

Said Mr Smith: "The welfare of our people is important to us. We care and reward their perseverance. They deserve a private and comfortable rest area after their hard work."

Mr Tan, whose firm Samwoh is targeting 150 participants this year, said: "We want our staff to feel they are part of this activity, that they are doing it with Samwoh.

"It shows that we are doing this as a team and as a family. Without the tentage, they'll just come, take a photo, run and that's it."

Registration for the ST Run has been extended till June 28. Interested participants can sign up at Interested companies that want to purchase the corporate tentage with hospitality can call 6248-5777 or e-mail

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