Cycling: Nets chief executive Jeffrey Goh is new Singapore Cycling Federation president

SINGAPORE - Jeffrey Goh, the chief executive of cashless payment network Nets, is the new president of the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) after his bid for the presidency was uncontested at the federation's annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday evening.

Goh and 10 other officials will spearhead the SCF's new management committee. The team's mandate will be for two years.

A delighted Goh said after the AGM: "A meeting will be convened next month and the 11 board members will plan the roadmap for Singapore cycling for the next 24 months.

"We have got our work cut out for us."

Singapore Cycling Federation management committee:

President: Jeffrey Goh (Chief executive, Nets Singapore)

Hon secretary: Dr Hing Siong Chen (Family physician, Healthway Medical Group)

Assistant hon secretary: LTC (NS) Mark Ortega (Head of legal department, Ezion Holdings)

Vice-president (Road): Bastian Dohling

Vice-president (Mountain bike): Lee Yee Meng (British Petroleum)

Vice-president (BMX): Maximilian Irwan Mager (Freelance event cycling consultant)

Vice-president (Bike trial): Walton Seah

Vice-president (Leisure): Dr Kevin Lee Boon Leng (Medical director, Pinnacle Orthopaedic Group)

Vice-president (Safety and education): Steven Lim Soo Huat (President, Safe Cycling Task Force)

Hon treasurer: James Kang (Singapore Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) from 2008-2014)

Assistant hon treasurer: Quek Wey Lon (Chartered accountant)