Confusion at airport as British athletes using identical red bags collect luggage

British Olympic team arriving at Heathrow Airport, London.
British Olympic team arriving at Heathrow Airport, London.PHOTO: EPA

The British Olympic team's exultant return with a record medal haul was marred by a baggage mix-up of Olympic proportions at the Heathrow Airport.

Every athlete had been issued with the same bag, which made retrieving their bags at the carousel time-consuming.

Windsurfer Nick Dempsey, who won a silver medal, joked "Mine's the red one!!".

Gymnast Becky Downie posted a video of athletes milling around checking hundreds of identical red luggage bags.

Some 320 athletes and support staff flew home from Rio de Janeiro on British Airways flight BA2016.

They were also issued the same windbreakers, track pants and red shoes.

The luggage confusion did not long dent the exuberance of the Olympic team which returned with 67 medals, finishing second on the medals table and beating China.

They were treated to champagne and a three-course meal on the flight.