Can I play golf under the latest Covid-19 restrictions? SportSG answers your questions

Golfers are seen outside the clubhouse of the Mandai Executive Golf Course on 12 June, 2021. ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

SINGAPORE - The multi-ministry task force tackling the pandemic announced on Tuesday (July 20) that all indoor, mask-off sports and exercise activities and classes will cease from Thursday.

Mask-off activities will be allowed outdoors, but class sizes are limited to just two people.

Mask-on activities - whether indoor or outdoor - may proceed in classes of up to 30 people in groups of up to two people, subject to the venue's capacity limit and safe distancing requirements.

The tightened measures mark a return to Phase Two (Heightened Alert) and will last till Aug 18.

Here is a set of frequently asked questions about the latest restrictions in the sports sector answered by national agency Sport Singapore:

Q: What is the maximum number of people who can exercise in a group?

A: From July 22 to Aug 18, sport and physical activities must be confined to groups of no more than two individuals. The physical distancing of two metres is required between individuals except when the nature of the sport does not permit so. A three-metre distance is to be maintained between groups of up to two individuals each.

Q: Can there be large group sport and physical activities classes?

A: For indoor organised programmes and classes, only mask-on activities can take place in multiple groups of two, up to 30 participants (including the instructor) or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower.

For outdoor organised programmes and classes, multiple groups of two are allowed, up to 30 participants or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower, if the activity is of low intensity with masks on at all times. If the activity is of high intensity where masks have to be removed, only two persons are allowed (including the instructor or coach) and there can be no multiple groups of two.

For indoor and outdoor programmes, the groups of two are not to intermingle before, during and after the class, and must remain three metres apart.

Q: Will I be allowed to swim?

A: Yes, you are allowed to swim outdoors as an individual or in a group of no more than two persons, including yourself.

Q: Will I be allowed to play golf in a four-ball flight?

A: You are allowed to golf in a four-ball flight in two groups of two persons with masks on and keeping a three-metre distance between the two groups at all times. If masks are unable to be worn throughout, only a two-ball flight is allowed.

Q: Will I be allowed to play sports such as badminton, basketball and table tennis?

A: You are allowed to play sports such as badminton, basketball and table tennis in a group of no more than two persons. Masks must be worn at all times when playing sports indoors. Masks may be taken off during strenuous activity outdoors, in a group of no more than two persons only.

Q: What sport and physical activities are allowed indoors?

A: Only low-intensity sport and physical activities with masks on at all times are allowed at indoor sport and recreation facilities. The facilities include gyms and fitness/exercise/dance studios, including those operated by commercial enterprises, country clubs, golf clubs, private apartments, condominiums and charities. The activity has to cease immediately if any participant removes his or her mask.

Q: What indoor facilities are to be closed and for how long?

A: From July 22 to Aug 18, all indoor facilities including gyms and fitness studios, sports halls, indoor swimming pools, squash courts, are to close, unless they only offer low-intensity physical activities, sport and exercises where all participants and instructors are wearing masks at all times, and where there is no sharing or supply of any common equipment. Common equipment would include climbing walls, aerial exercise equipment, resistance training weights and other similar equipment.

Participants, instructors and staff also have to adhere to a more stringent set of safe management measures (SMMs). No such facility will be allowed to offer weight, strength or resistance training of any form, and/or provide equipment for such training, as these are associated with strenuous activities.

Other indoor facilities similar to gym and studio settings that remain in operation are to modify their activities to be in line with the tighter SMMs.

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Q: Are mass participation sports events allowed to proceed?

A: Mass runs, open-water swims, cycling and triathlon events can proceed with up to 50 participants without the need for pre-event testing. With pre-event testing, up to 100 participants (in waves of up to 50 persons) are allowed per session, with different sessions adequately separated by time to avoid the congregation of participants at the venue and its vicinity.

At this juncture, mass participation sport events will not be allowed to accommodate more than 100 participants per session and will not be allowed to have invited spectators. Organisers are to put in place measures to prevent the spontaneous gathering of onlookers for such events.

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