Buy 4D and pray hard for a 'Schooling' public holiday: Celebrating Olympic win the Singaporean way

Think 5039 will be a lucky number? You're not the only one.

SINGAPORE - Joseph Schooling clinched Singapore's first Olympic gold medal in 50.39secs. If you think that could be a lucky number, you're not alone.

Punters hoping to put a flutter on 5039 in this weekend's 4D draws could be out of luck.

Images circulating on social media indicated that the number was sold out at Singapore Pools, mere hours after Schooling's historic feat.

That was one of the popular images as Singaporeans on social media celebrated their compatriot's Olympic win with humour.

Humour website SGAG was quick to link Schooling's achievement to the other big craze right now - Pokemon Go.

They compared his journey from a fresh-faced teenager to an Olympic champion, to the evolution of the Pokemon Magikarp into the fearsome Gyarados.

They also had this play on Schooling's surname.

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Joseph Schooling made history with Singapore's first ever Olympic gold medal. The swimmer clocked 50.39s and broke an Olympic record in the 100m Men's Butterfly at Rio 2016. Back home, Singaporeans celebrated as he swam his way to victory.

Not many people would be able to resist the urge to put on an Olympic gold medal. Neither could President Tony Tan, who is in Rio to support Singapore's athletes. He was photographed smiling with a beaming Schooling.

He said: "This is the only time I will ever wear an Olympic gold medal."

Changi Airport had a witty way of congratulating Schooling, who must have passed through the airport countless times, going back and forth from the United States, where he lives and trains.

Amid the celebrations were plenty of cries for a public holiday. One Twitter user had a clever reason not to have one.

The Ministry of Education put a damper on hopes for a public holiday with a clever post of its own.

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