2015 Asean Para Games

Asean Para Games: Timeout with... Bong Hong


Close to 1,200 athletes from 10 South-east Asian nations competed at the 8th Asean Para Games in Singapore. Get to know the foreign athletes better as The Straits Times picks out one every day.

Today: Bong Hong, athletics (Cambodia).

Age: 31

Disability: Left-arm amputee

Q Who is your favourite athlete and why?

A Usain Bolt. When he runs, he is really good.

Q Who did you last take a wefie with?

A With Uk Samphors, another Cambodian athlete, at the Nila Suite for athletes at Marina Bay Sands.

Q What is your first impression of Singapore?

A It's really good, fantastic. I'm really happy to be here because the people are very welcoming.

Q What is the most challenging thing about your sport?

A Nothing, but training is tiring. I train for five days a week for four hours each time. We have a two-hour morning session, and a two-hour evening session.

Q What is your favourite food back home?

A A Cambodian traditional soup. It's like a mixed vegetable soup.

Q What would you like to receive as a Christmas present?

A A big cartoon of a bear.

Q Who is your personal hero and why?

A Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays really good, and I've been watching him for a long time.

Q If you could have one superpower for a day, what would it be and why?

A I want to be able to play volleyball. Volleyball is my favourite sport. When I was a child, I really liked to play volleyball and to run.

Q Why and how did you pick up athletics?

A I like to run. Even before my mine accident (that caused his left arm to be amputated), I really liked to run, so I just continued running.

Q Do you have any pre-game ritual or superstition? What is it?

A Not really, but I listen to music before my race. I listen to a traditional Cambodian wedding song.

Q What is your favourite sporting moment from 2015?

A When I won the gold medal in the 400m (T45/46) here.

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