Asean Para Games: Myanmar fans pick up litter at National Stadium after football match against Singapore

A Myanmar fan picking up litter along the seats after the match.
A Myanmar fan picking up litter along the seats after the match.PHOTO: ASEAN PARA GAMES 2015/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Civic-minded Myanmar fans were spotted clearing up at the National Stadium after an Asean Para Games (APG) football game at the National Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Myanmar's cerebral palsy football team had beaten Singapore 5-3 - despite a stunning hat-trick from Singapore captain Khairul Anwar - in their APG round-robin match.

A Facebook post put up by APG's official Facebook page showed a female supporter armed with a transparent trash bag.

"Our Myanmar fans have been extra supportive beyond the games, clearing up the stadium after the match! Let's follow their example and create a pleasant environment at the 8th Asean Para Games," as was written in the post.

Gracious fans cleaning up after themselves at the National Stadium have made the news in recent times.

A Japanese boy was filmed picking up litter after the World Cup qualifier between Japan and Singapore on Nov 12.