5 questions with...Constance Lien

Jiu-jitsu athlete Constance Lien lives by her signature phrase. Learn what makes her tick.
Constance Lien
Constance Lien

Q What's on your pre-fight Spotify playlist?

A I have two playlists that I listen to. One would be punk rock, so like Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. I use this playlist in the days leading up to my fight day. As for that day itself, I listen to gospel songs from Hillsong.

Q What are you watching on Netflix?

A I'm currently watching Riverdale.

Q What's your theme song?

A My theme song would be my favourite song that I listen to on fight day itself. It's called Another In The Fire by Hillsong.

Q Your signature phrase?

A Do not put a limit to what you can do.

Q Which athlete do you want to be for a day?

A I would love to be Ffion Davies for a day. She's a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) world champion and a black belt in BJJ.

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