5 questions with... Teo Shun Xie

Who does national shooter Teo Shun Xie want to be for a day? The answer may surprise you.


Q What's on your pre-competition Spotify playlist?

A I don't really have one but I tell myself: "You're well prepared and this competition is going to be a good competition."

Q What are you watching on Netflix?

A I just finished Lucifer Season 3 and at the moment I haven't looked for anything new to watch.

Q What's your theme song?

A I don't really have a theme song.

Q Your signature phrase

A Not to give up until the very last shot because if you give up before the last shot, then that's it.

Q Which athlete do you want to be for a day?

A Roger Federer, to try and see what it's like to be a top athlete in tennis since I missed out on making the tennis team during my JC days.

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