10 must-reads for today

The Olympic rings at the waterfront area of Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo, last week. The Games are likely to open on July 23 next year, say sources.
The Olympic rings at the waterfront area of Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo, last week. The Games are likely to open on July 23 next year, say sources.PHOTO: REUTERS
Mr Tom Iljas, 81, and Madam Liong May Swan, 78, (both above) .
Mr Tom Iljas, 81, and Madam Liong May Swan, 78, (both above) .ST PHOTO: TIMOTHY DAVID
Jonathan Eyal.
Jonathan Eyal.

1 New Olympics date set?

The postponed Tokyo Summer Olympics are set to open on July 23 next year, according to informed sources. The possible new date is the fourth Friday of the month, just like the original day. This is meant to minimise disruption to an already crowded sports calendar due to the coronavirus crisis.

2 3rd coronavirus death here

A 70-year-old Singaporean man died yesterday from complications due to Covid-19, the third coronavirus death in the Republic. Mr Chung Ah Lay, who was Case 109, had a history of hypertension and hyperlipidaemia. He had no recent travel history to affected countries, the Ministry of Health said.

3 Too close for safety

Social distancing in Malaysia is proving a challenge for many of its foreign workers and those who live in low-cost housing. The country's stay-home order has forced some to cram together in tight spaces, at a time when they should be limiting human contact to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

4 Traffic surge slows Internet

As more people stay home around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, Internet speeds have fallen dramatically amid a surge in traffic. The stress on Internet infrastructure is showing in China, Europe and the United States - and the traffic is probably far from its peak.

5 N. Korea fires two missiles

North Korea yesterday launched what looked like two short-range ballistic missiles into the ocean off its east coast. South Korea decried the recent flurry of launches - the most Pyongyang has ever fired in a month - as "inappropriate" amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

6 Existential threat to EU

The coronavirus pandemic has not only dealt massive damage to European Union member states, but also threatens its unity as seen in the fight over "corona bonds", says global affairs correspondent Jonathan Eyal.

7 Judge calls for sensitivity

A district judge has urged lawyers to be sensitive about casting allegations of mental illness against a party in their litigation strategy. The plea came in a rare postscript to a ruling on a custody tug of war between a split couple over their toddler son.

8 Seniors wed in hospital

A decade-long love story had a happy denouement last Saturday when Mr Tom Iljas, 81, and Madam Liong May Swan, 78 were married at a clinic in Alexandra Hospital. The nuptials, witnessed by Madam Liong's son and a family friend, took place after a series of events upset their original wedding plans.

9 Investing for a recovery

Direct action by central banks and governments around the world to breathe life back into distressed financial markets provided a lift last week, but it is unclear whether markets have bottomed out. Associate editor Ven Sreenivasan identifies strategies for investors looking to position themselves for the recovery, when it does come.

10 Adapting to stricter rules

At least three private dining spaces here, which typically host guests for dinner at the chef's home, have suspended operations after stricter social distancing rules kicked in last week. But others are continuing to host guests, albeit in smaller groups and with more safety precautions.

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