Sleek gas hob with safety features

Mr Lim Chye Wang and his wife installed a gas hob with timer control at their new flat. The gas hob with timer control from City Gas offers safety features which give them more peace of mind.
Mr Lim Chye Wang and his wife installed a gas hob with timer control at their new flat. The gas hob with timer control from City Gas offers safety features which give them more peace of mind.ST PHOTO: Hedy Khoo

Chic, safe and functional gas hob for your home culinary needs

SINGAPORE - Home safety is a top concern for Mr Lim Chye Wang who has a son, 7, and a daughter, 13.

Even before the 45-year-old store assistant got the keys to his new four-room Sembawang flat in January, he had made up his mind to get a gas hob with timer control from City Gas.

The gas hob is equipped with safety features including a flame failure device and a built-in timer.

Mr Lim: “The gas stove is an important appliance in our home as my wife cooks almost daily. As parents of young children, safety is also a top priority with us.”

It was an incident at his previous flat in Yishun three years ago that motivated Mr Lim to look for a gas hob with more safety features.

Mr Lim said: “My wife had left a pot of soup to boil on the stove and joined me in the living room to watch television. A while later, there was a strong smell of gas. I quickly went to check the stove. It turned out that my son had played with the gas hob knobs and accidentally left the gas on.”

Since the installation of the new gas hob with timer control, Mr Lim and his wife have better peace of mind.
Mr Lim said: “The new gas hob cannot be turned on without first switching on the timer control. As both my mother-in-law and wife like to boil soups, the timer control is a useful safety feature as they no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the gas hob.”

The digital timer can be pre-set up to 120 minutes. Once the set time is up, the gas supply cuts off automatically and an alarm sounds to alert the user.

The flame failure device in the gas hob also cuts the gas supply if the flame goes out, in case it is blown out by strong winds or extinguished by overflowing boiling water or soup.

The gas hob with timer control was developed by City Gas and Aerogaz. It was launched in July 2015 and is the first on the market here to feature a built-in timer control. Buyers can choose between two high-quality finishes – an elegant black tempered glass or brushed stainless steel, in a variety of burner combinations for different hob cut-out sizes. The design allows for easy cleaning and multiple pots to cook at the same time.

The integrated electric ignition function saves the user the hassle of changing batteries and allows burners to be lit easily. The gas hob also comes with heavy-duty enamelled cast-iron pan support on each burner.

Mr Lim selected the AZ-930FT model which has three burners and a black tempered glass finish.

Mr Lim said: “The tempered glass finish looks elegant, and is easy to clean and maintain.”

His wife, Madam Chan, is delighted with the new gas hob.

She said: “With the timer control, I can multi-task with peace of mind. While the soup is boiling, I can get on with preparing other food.”

Mr Soh Guan Hong, the vice president for residential sales division at City Gas said: “The gas hob with timer control range, an exclusive to City Gas, is one of our star appliances. We expect the demand for the range to continue because homeowners are increasingly more aware of the need for kitchen safety.

“To meet the changing needs of our customers, we will continue to innovate and expand our line of eco-friendly appliances that introduce cost-savings. Customers can expect new launches from this year as we position ourselves as the leading brand in kitchen safety.”


1. Do not cover the pot with the lid when boiling food like porridge and potato as the water may boil over.
2. Do not line burners with foil which can obstruct air flow to the flame.
3. Ensure the flame does not extend past the base of the pot or pan.
4. Turn pot handles inwards, away from the hob edge.
5. Do not place hand towels or dish cloths near the hob where they may catch fire.
6. Do not leave the hob unattended when cooking.
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