Practical gas safety device for a safer home

Homeowner Kenneth Lim enjoys better peace of mind with the installation of the new gas detector in his kitchen. The gas detector is developed by City Gas and made in Japan.
Homeowner Kenneth Lim enjoys better peace of mind with the installation of the new gas detector in his kitchen. The gas detector is developed by City Gas and made in Japan.ST PHOTO: Hedy Khoo

City Gas has developed a new product to safeguard homes against gas leaks and fire risks.

SINGAPORE - Compact and lightweight, a new gas detector installed in a corner of their kitchen provides invaluable peace of mind for home owner Kenneth Lim and his wife.

The 29-year-old project manager was part of a group of City Gas customers selected to try out the product ahead of its official launch on Oct 16.

The gas detector, designed for home use, is newly developed by City Gas, Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider to almost 800,000 homes. The device is made in Japan and can detect the presence of piped town gas, cylinder Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or natural gas.

Mr Lim finds the safety device a practical addition to the kitchen of his four-room flat as he has a five-burner gas hob. Mr Lim, who used to be a corporate chef and has professional culinary training, prefers cooking with gas.

He said: “My wife always reminds me to check that the gas knobs are properly turned off when not in use. Since we installed the gas detector, she feels much more at ease.”

Home safety strikes a chord with the Lims as Mr Lim’s uncle-in-law was injured in a home fire caused by a gas leak.

“The incident left a lasting impression on my wife that you cannot take home safety for granted,” said Mr Lim.

In Singapore, more than a million households use gas for cooking. The gas detector, aimed at improving kitchen safety of households using gas, is the first of its kind developed by City Gas for the local consumer retail market. City Gas embarked on developing the gas detector after receiving feedback from customers who wanted a device to better safeguard their homes against gas leaks and fire risks.

  • City Gas Gallery Sale

  • Special promotion

    As part of its official launch, the gas detector with a five-year warranty is available at a special promotional price of $95 (Usual price is $115) during the City Gas Gallery Sale which starts on Oct 16 and ends on Oct 31.

    The gas detector is available at City Gas Gallery outlets and its retail partners, Hoe Kee Hardware and Home-Fix DIY stores.

    Look out for special promotions on the cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly gas water heater, gas clothes dryer, and also a wide selection of cooking hobs, cooker hoods and kitchen appliances from premium brands from Germany, Italy and Japan.

    To see how the gas detector, gas water heater, gas clothes dryer, and gas hob with timer control work, head for the City Gas Gallery where there will be live product demos.

    What:  City Gas Gallery Sale
    When: Oct 16 to Oct 31
    Where: City Gas Gallery, 8 Cross Street, Level 2, Singapore 048424 (Telok Ayer MRT Station, Exit B or C)
    Opening hours: Extended opening hours from 9am to 8pm on weekdays, and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
    Special promotions on City Gas products are also available at the following outlets:
    - City Gas Gallery at Woodlands Civic Centre, #03-07, Singapore 730900

    - Hoe Kee Hardware (Promotions on gas water heater, gas clothes dryer, gas hob with timer control and gas detector available.)

    - Home-Fix DIY (Promotions on gas detector only.)

  • For operating hours, please visit www.citygas.com.sg
    For enquiries, call 1800-555-1661 

Mr Soh Guan Hong, the vice president for residential sales division at City Gas said: “From design to production, our focus is always on quality and reliability, traits that our customers strongly identify with City Gas.”

In addition, the gas detector is affordably priced to encourage households to make kitchen safety a priority.

The gas detector’s usual retail price is $95 which comes with a three-year warranty, and $115 for a five-year warranty.

Mr Lim and his wife plan to get gas detectors for their parents’ homes too.

He said: “A home is an expensive financial commitment, but it is more than a piece of property. It is your own private haven where you can rest, relax and enjoy life. It is worth getting a gas detector which helps protect your home.”

Easy to install

Mr Lim finds the do-it-yourself installation of the gas detector convenient. No drilling is needed as the gas detector comes with a mounting bracket that can be attached to a wall using the double-sided tape provided in the kit. The kit includes six pieces of cord swing suppressors for better cable management.

To operate, the gas detector must be plugged into an electrical outlet. The energy required to keep the gas detector running at all times costs less than a dollar yearly.

Weighing 230g, and measuring 8cm by 6.2cm by 2.67cm, the gas detector is suitable for households using piped town gas or cylinder Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

A lit green LED light indicates normal operation. The red LED light is lit when gas is detected.

Watch the video on the gas detector.

What to do when the alarm sounds

1. Remain calm and press once on the alarm sound button located at the front of the gas detector.

2. Do not switch on any electrical device.

3. Immediately open all windows and doors to increase ventilation.

4. Turn off the gas valve at the gas meter.

5. Should the alarm continue to sound, piped town gas users can call a 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800-752 1800. This hotline attends to calls pertaining to gas leakage, low gas pressure or gas supply interruption.