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    Disappointing PSLE results can damage children’s self worth if parents let them

    What can parents do to ease the sting when exam results don't meet expectations?

    Looking beyond PSLE scores to pick a secondary school

    Outstanding students explain why they picked a less elite school even though they qualified for top secondary schools.

    Voices of Youth: Don't view PSLE as a battle that will define your future

    This year, I am taking the Primary School Leaving Examination.

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    How to help your child succeed in school and life.


    Some major pre-school chains to raise monthly fees in 2023

    Parents of pre-schoolers will have to pay higher fees in 2023, with major chains set to raise monthly charges by up to 11 per cent.

    Picking a pre-school: What are the different options for Singapore families

    Anchor operator or partner operator? Montessori or play-based learning? Childcare or kindergarten? 

    Surprising ways art can help your kids develop

    Here is how mums and dads can help their kids cultivate a lifelong interest in art.

    Primary school

    How to motivate kids who are academically unmotivated

    Parents and teachers can play a part, but they have to be equipped with the right tools and words to do so.

    How to boost your kid’s interest and confidence in writing

    The art of good writing may soon be lost as children continue to prefer devices to books. Here is how to turn the tide.

    Secondary School

    How to get your teen hooked on books

    Build on your teenager’s interests and recommend books related to those.

    From archery to Chinese opera, co-curricular activities are big part of secondary school life

    With secondary schools offering a wide range of co-curricular activities, CCA life is different from that in primary school.


    Choose A levels or International Baccalaureate diploma programme?

    Both are internationally recognised for university admission, but are different in how the curriculum is structured and assessed.

    How do I decide if I should go to a JC or a polytechnic?

    Principals of junior colleges and polytechnics share tips for O level students participating in the Joint Admissions Exercise.