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Google launches new tool to help public health officials plan social distancing measures

SINGAPORE - Google has launched a new tool which will show places where crowds had been gathering, in response to calls from public health officials to get better insights into whether social distancing measures are working to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

Coronavirus: S'pore Government to make its contact-tracing app freely available to developers worldwide

SINGAPORE - In a move to help the international community combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Government will be making the software for its contact-tracing application TraceTogether, which has already been installed by more than 620,000 people, freely available to developers around the world.

The growing importance of securing the Internet of Things

All it took to infiltrate a home Wi-Fi network was a smart light bulb.

Your marathon scrapped because of coronavirus? In Japan, there's an app for that

TOKYO (AFP) - When the coronavirus outbreak forced organisers to cancel marathons in the Japanese city of Nagoya, they turned to tech to ease the disappointment, offering runners the chance to race alone.

Rising Cities

Drone racing takes flight in Singapore

There are now about 400 racers here, up from between 30 and 50 in 2015.

How China, South Korea and Taiwan are using tech to curb coronavirus outbreak

Various apps have been created in China, South Korea and Taiwan to exploit smartphone technologies for everything from contact tracing to enforcing quarantines that require people who have been exposed to the coronavirus to stay at home.

Facial recognition will remove need for passwords, IDs

Why use your pink NRIC or remember passwords when you can scan your face?

Helping seniors live longer, healthier in Tokyo

Once a week, 86-year-old Tadashi Komatsuzaki eats with a smart device around his neck that measures his swallowing ability.

Robots at your service: Your face is the room key in Alibaba’s futuristic FlyZoo Hotel

No one is manning the reception desk at Hangzhou's sleek FlyZoo Hotel - and that is completely normal.


GovTech develops automated, contactless temperature scanner

In a bid to make temperature-taking more efficient, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) has developed a new automated temperature scanning system which has been deployed in more than 30 government and community buildings in less than two weeks.

Nationwide geospatial 3D data made available to businesses for first time in SLA initiative

SINGAPORE - Businesses such as real estate developers will have access to nationwide geospatial data for the first time with the launch of a virtual platform on Sunday (March 22).


Dinner date? No, thanks; How are singles finding love in a pandemic?

SINGAPORE -In a time of safe distancing and staying home as much as possible to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, singles are either delaying their journey of looking for love or changing the way they go about it.

Sales of work-from-home gadgets on the rise due to Covid-19

Some retailers said sales of computer accessories have risen sharply in the past month as employees seek to be more productive and comfortable at home.


Good bots, bad bots and the humans in between

Last week, Facebook's anti-spam rule went haywire, wrongly blocking and flagging as spam a slew of legitimate posts and links, including those with news articles related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Should robots be given rights as well?

Earlier this month, the Bank of England announced that Alan Turing would be featured on the new £50 (S$84.60) note. The last to switch from paper to polymer, it is due to enter circulation in late 2021.

Shhhh, your phone may be listening

When Ms Teh Hsiao Wei's beloved dog Kopi died last year, she decided to commission a friend to paint a picture of him to remember him by.

Big brother in big tech

The hottest trend in tech is not tech. It is privacy.

The robots are coming - how is the Asian workforce adapting?

It's no news that the world of jobs is being disrupted.