You make me trust Singapore: Thai businessman thanks SMRT train captain for returning lost wallet

Thai businessman Natthapon Asswisessiwakul thanked SMRT Train Captain Muhammad Faisal Mohd Yusoff for returning his wallet. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/NATTHAPON ASSWISESSIWAKUL

SINGAPORE - A businessman from Thailand who was frantic after losing his wallet has praised an SMRT employee for returning it.

In a Facebook post on Friday (Oct 20), Mr Natthapon Asswisessiwakul thanked the train captain - whom he identified as Mr Sai Yusoff - for handing the wallet over to staff at Tanah Merah MRT station.

The Bangkok-based Mr Natthapon was on a business trip on Tuesday, but it turned into a "nightmare" when he dropped his wallet, which contained credit cards, shortly after landing at Changi Airport.

‎"Could you imagine, losing wallet, credit cards and other necessary belongings overseas upon arrival - and a serious meeting is waiting for you in the next hour," he wrote.

SMRT told The Straits Times on Friday that the train captain in question is Mr Muhammad Faisal Mohd Yusoff, who has been with SMRT Trains for four years.

Mr Natthapon said Mr Faisal's actions made his day and "the whole trip became wonderful".

"In addition, you make me really trust the country of Singapore," he added.

Mr Faisal, 26, told ST on Saturday that he was on duty on the airport line when he saw a wallet in the train cabin at Changi Airport station.

"I saw that there was nobody there so I picked it up," he said. There were credit cards inside and S$500, he said. He then called his superior, who was at the Tanah Merah station, and handed the wallet over.

Asked how Mr Natthapon retrieved the wallet, Mr Faisal said: "I think he checked with Changi Airport station staff and the staff called Tanah Merah station and the staff at Tanah Merah said there was a wallet found so he went to Tanah Merah and got the wallet."

He added that Mr Natthapon wanted to meet him and take a picture with him, so he met the Thai businessman at Tanah Merah station. Mr Natthapon then invited Mr Faisal to lunch.

"But I could not have lunch because I had to work," said Mr Faisal, laughing. "He was so very happy. I feel very happy that he complimented me (online)."

This is not the first time Mr Faisal has returned valuables to their rightful owners. He said he has done so several times before, including an incident in the last two years where he returned a handbag he found at Pasir Ris station, which contained about 1,000 ringgit and an Identification Card.

Responding to to Mr Natthapon's Facebook post, SMRT thanked him for taking the time to share his appreciation for Mr Faisal.

Several netizens praised the train captain, including Facebook user Cheong Kit, who wrote: "Mr Sai Yusoff, all Singaporeans are very proud of you! Well done!"

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