Woman wins $1,000 for Compass Point's new name - 1 Sengkang Mall

A file photo of Compass Point from 2012.
A file photo of Compass Point from 2012. PHOTO: CBRE

SINGAPORE - Suburban mall Compass Point has picked "1 Sengkang Mall" to be its new name after a naming contest, but netizens do not seem to welcome it.

On Tuesday (Dec 22), the shopping mall announced in a Facebook post: "We are proud to share that '1 Sengkang Mall' has been chosen and approved by Government Authorities.

"Congratulations to Ms Lee Sook Fong who will be walking away with $1,000 cash prize!!"

Many who responded to the post were unimpressed.

"So, just in Sengkang itself,we have Seletar Mall, Rivervale Mall and now Sengkang Mall, so boring," said Facebook user Disapora Ooi.

Netizen Thomas Toh called it "a lousy name", and Jacqualine Chan made a sarcastic comment: "Wow! Lots of creativity in that name!"

"Compass Point was such a nice name what is wrong with you authorities," wrote Anubhav Khanna.

The "Give us our new name" contest was held from Oct 15 to Oct 30.

The mall has been temporarily closed since October for upgrading works and is expected to re-open in a year with the new name.

In an earlier Facebook post, the mall announced: "We're transforming! Our new sleek contemporary mall will feature sensational fresh elements including different concepts. And we need a great name to go with this new exciting look."

On Nov 12, the top eight names submitted were announced.

They were:

- Sengkang Central Mall

- Sengkang Mall

- One Sengkang

- SengKang Square

- One Sengkang Square

- Sengkang One

- #1 Sengkang Square

- 1SM

The winning name - 1 Sengkang Mall - was announced on the mall's Facebook page on Dec 22.

Correction note: An earlier version of this story reported the mall's new name as Sengkang Mall. The information was taken from the mall's Facebook page. A spokesman has since clarified that the mall's Facebook post was wrong and that the correct winning name is "1 Sengkang Mall".