Van knocks onto woman who tries crossing busy road after stopping car at Balestier

Screengrab from driver Amannda Toh's video.
Screengrab from driver Amannda Toh's video. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ AMANNDA TOH

SINGAPORE - A woman was "knocked into" by a van on Balestier Road on Thursday (April 27) evening, after she got out of her car and tried to cross the busy road.

Driver Amannda Toh posted a video of the incident on Facebook on Thursday night. It has since been viewed around 900 times.

The video shows the woman stopping her car at a bus stop on Balestier Road, just metres away from an overhead bridge. She then tried crossing several lanes on the busy road before she was hit by a van.

According to Ms Toh, the incident happened at 6.29pm.

She said: "I nearly banged into her but luckily I stopped in time. She wasn't so lucky when she reached the first lane and a van knocked onto her."

While the van came into contact with the woman, Ms Toh said that it was "not that bad. She could still walk after that".

The woman, she added, held up traffic and insisted that the van driver stop at the side of the road.

Explaining why she was posting the video, Ms Toh said in her post: "I'm posting this video because in case the woman claims liability from the poor driver and causes him to lose his job, there's evidence that she's really the one at fault."

She added that she planned to send the police an e-mail about the incident.

The Straits Times has contacted the police for more information.