Woman caught on video kicking security guard earns brickbats online; police investigating

A video of a woman who allegedly refused to pay her taxi fare went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook in the early hours of Thursday (Dec 8).
A video of a woman who allegedly refused to pay her taxi fare went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook in the early hours of Thursday (Dec 8).PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO/ISAAC CHENG

SINGAPORE - A woman who allegedly refused to pay her taxi fare has become the latest target of online vitriol after a video of her tussling with a taxi driver, and hitting a security guard, went viral.

Two videos of the incident, uploaded on Facebook by Isaac Cheng at close to 1am on Thursday (Dec 8), have garnered a combined 69,000 views.

Copies of the videos posted on other websites were also widely circulated.

The incident happened at Enggor Street at around 11pm on Wednesday, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Police said on Saturday (Dec 10) that they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at 11.12pm.

Officers at the scene did not note any altercation taking place, but noted that the parties involved "sustained minor injuries such as bruises and scratches".

The police added that there were "no immediate law and order concerns and the parties were compliant with police instructions".

It is investigating all involved in the incident.

The well-groomed woman, wearing high heels and a wrap dress, is seen having a tug-of-war with a man, presumably the taxi driver, in the first video, which lasts more than three minutes.

She keeps shouting "Let go!" in Mandarin, but the man hangs on to her bag. She tries to kick him and even bite him, and he eventually gives in.

Throughout the video, she curses at the man in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

She also shouts: "Call! Call the police."

Someone replies: "Call already... They are coming, on the way."

The man and the woman stand facing each other as they wait for the police to arrive.

"She say she got money, don't want to pay," the man says.

The fare in dispute was more than $20, Shin Min reported.

In the second video, lasting about one minute, the woman is tussling with another man and a woman security guard.

The man, who is wearing an apron and a black bandana, is an employee of a Japanese restaurant nearby, according to Shin Min.

The Chinese evening daily said that the woman had barged into the restaurant and caused a commotion.

The man, surnamed Lim, asked her to leave but she refused. He found out about the earlier altercation only when he led her out of the eatery.

As she seemed agitated, he stayed to help the security guards.

He and the woman security guard tried to restrain her, but she still managed to kick the guard in her groin, and hit her head violently. She was also cursing loudly at her.

At this point, a man in the background made another call to the police. The security guards had lost patience with the woman by then, and were also shouting at her.

The two women were separated at the end of the video, apparently due to mediation by Mr Lim.

There was a closeup on the security guard's hand showing some broken skin.

She was on medical leave and did not go to work on Thursday, Shin Min said.

The Union of Security Employees (USE) said in a Facebook post on Thursday that the woman security guard belonged to one of its unionised agencies, and that it has offered its assistance to the company. 

"USE expects all stakeholders to show respect to our security officers and reiterate that any form of abuse towards the officers is unacceptable", the post added.