Woman being investigated for lodging a false report that her rented car was stolen

SINGAPORE - A 47-year-old woman is being investigated by the police for lodging a false report.

She had made a report at 8.26pm on Thursday (March 22), saying that a car she had rented was stolen after she parked it in Havelock Road.

Officers from Tanglin Police Division detected many inconsistencies in her account.

They established that she had provided false information by claiming that she was a victim of car theft.

Investigations are ongoing.

If found guilty of giving information she knows to be false to a public servant, she can be jailed for up to a year and/or fined up to $5,000.

The police in their statement on Tuesday reminded the public that those who lodge false police reports or provide false information will face serious consequences under the law.

"Police resources could have been put to better use in dealing with real crimes and emergencies than investigating false reports or false information," they said.