Woman appeals for video footage after sister is injured in accident on Jurong Island Highway

A woman is calling for video footage of an accident in Jurong Island involving her sister.
A woman is calling for video footage of an accident in Jurong Island involving her sister. PHOTO: CANDY TAY XINYU/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - The sister of a woman who was injured in a road accident involving the scooter she was riding and a lorry is looking for video footage of the incident.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (Jan 12), Ms Candy Tay Xinyu shared photos from the accident scene and asked for anyone with a recording of the incident to contact her.

The post has been shared almost 2,000 times.

Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported on Wednesday (Jan 13) that Candy's sister, Ms Jean Tay, 27, was travelling to work on Jurong Island Highway when the crash took place at 7.57am on Monday (Jan 11).

The safety engineer suffered injuries to her chin, ribs and right leg and lost many teeth, Wanbao reported, and was seen at the site with her whole mouth covered in blood.

"It's a serious accident for her because of her broken thigh, lower jaw all smashed, fractured ribs n shoulder and multiple places that have not been able to scan," Candy wrote in a comment on Facebook.

The victim was sent to the National University Hospital. There, she underwent a five-hour operation, and is still in a high-dependency ward.

Despite the extent of her injures, Jean was quick to show concern for her family at the hospital, her sister said.

"She is a very strong person; although sometimes her speech is a little unclear, she comforted us and said she isn't hurting and asked us not to worry about her," her sister told Wanbao.

She added that Jean asked her to go home and take care of her two children.

She described Jean as a sporty person who is a diving enthusiast, an avid runner and who has participated in triathlons.

"My sister is a very active person. Right after her accident, she asked the doctor when she could start running again."

Unfortunately, Jean currently needs a wheelchair to move about and can only begin to walk in six months, the Wanbao report said.