Why your child is constantly falling sick


We work hard to keep our homes sparkling clean, but it puzzles us as to why our young children still fall sick so often.

In May 8-14, 2016, weekly cases of hand, foot and mouth disease hit a four-year high. Singapore has constantly been fighting such harmful diseases, and the regular resurgences in these illnesses shows that they are here to stay.

Other problematic occurrences like the influenza have similarly plagued Singapore. Weekly status updates from the Ministry of Health reveal that individuals going to polyclinics with Acute Respiratory Infections have actually been higher in 2017 than in the same time frame last year, as seen below.


Hidden threats in your home

Even the most inconspicuous corners and stains can house various types of bacteria that cause infection. To make matters worse, our regular cleaning routines may not be sufficient to keep these illnesses at bay.

Various studies show that bacteria thrive in homes, especially in some of the places we come in frequent contact with.

Kitchen sinks and countertops, cutting boards, bathroom floors and living room surfaces count among the dirtiest places in the home.

Bacteria, often found in surfaces of homes our families come into constant contact with. PHOTO: THINKSTOCK

Infants and young children are at greater risk of falling ill when they come into contact with bacteria-laden areas, as their immune systems are not fully developed as adults.

To protect our families from these threats and illnesses, keeping a clean, hygienic home is essential. Cleaning the entire house regularly and thoroughly, helps to eliminate harmful germs and safeguard your children’s health.

And using quality cleaning products to more effectively maintain a sanitary, hygienic home is one way to do that.

Here are some ways to keep your home clean:


Keep your children safe from the ground up

The floors of your home are a blank slate for your imaginative children, who conjure up daydreams and fantasies as they play on it each day.

Protect them from harmful germs that lurk on the ground by using a good floor cleaner on your floors regularly, as new germs are brought into the house each day when we return home from work or school.

Products like the Magiclean Floor Cleaner provides a holistic solution for daily cleaning.

The product:  

  • removes greasy dirt and oil stains;
  • dries with no stickiness or residue; and
  • kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria



Make the five-second rule count with clean surfaces


Food is prepared on kitchen counters, meals are shared over the dining table and our little ones eat off their high chairs. But these surfaces are often infested with germs. Wiping them with towels may not be a solution either, as hand towels have been identified as the most germ-infested items in the house.

For added peace of mind,  maintain cleanliness and hygiene where you prepare food and eat meals with the limited edition Magiclean Natural Plant-based Surface Cleaner.

Made with naturally-derived cleaning agents, it:

  • kills 99 per cent of bacteria;
  • effectively removes grease and stains; and
  • is gentle and safe to use on various surfaces, such as dining tables, baby high chairs and toys, electrical appliances and mirrors.



Sleep easy

Your family spends a lot of time lying on mattresses and pillows, and your children love hugging their soft toys and bolsters to sleep.

However, washing these items and sun-drying them is a hassle and bacteria might still remain even after doing so.

Magiclean Fabric Fresheners let you refresh your sheets and pillows with a few sprays. Simple to use, quick and thorough, you don’t have to worry about unhygienic fabric items again.

The product has:

  • strong penetrative power, working its way into deep layers of fabric to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria;
  • natural deodorising extracts to neutralise odour for up to 24 hours; and
  • has multiple uses, being suitable for general home use and even freshening up clothing and the air at home.


Defend your loved ones from sickness

Use the wide range of Magiclean products to keep every nook and cranny of your household stainless and eliminate bacteria, so your family can rest easy.

As a parent, the best way to show care and love for your child is to keep them safe. Protect your children from illnesses, so they can focus on what really matters: learning, playing and growing each day.

Visit and learn how best to safeguard your family with Magiclean’s range of products.​