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Why NLB is celebrating ASEAN@50?

This year, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN celebrates its 50th anniversary.

To mark that milestone and Singapore’s chairmanship of ASEAN in 2018, we’re encouraging Singaporeans to rediscover their region of the world, and its rich diversity of culture, history and traditions.

From July to September, we’re showcasing the literature, film, music and culture of ASEAN. Catch ASEAN short films at public libraries, or hear tales from the region at a storytelling night for adults.

Exhibitions include an ASEAN-themed book display that traverses the five senses, and ASEAN@50 displays in almost every public library.

You can learn about ASEAN from the comfort of your own home. For these three months, the National Archives of Singapore’s Archives Online portal ( will feature ASEAN-related materials, from sound and video recordings to maps, documents, posters and photographs.

The public will also have unlimited access to NLB’s collection of e-publication titles by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

For more, the ASEAN Digital Library (ADL) at offers digitised resources from national libraries across the region.

Some highlights of the ADL collection from left to right: An early drawing of the Batavia Castle (Dutch Kasteel Batavia), a fort located at the mouth of Ciliwung River in Jakarta; Raffles, 1781-1826, a work that narrates Raffles' activities and achievements in the Malay Archipelago particularly in Java and Singapore; and Radio Cho Thay Than, a monthly magazine featuring Myanmar’s music, musicians and radio programmes.

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