Why It Matters (Ep 8): Is the kampung spirit dead?

Kampung life might not be luxurious, but neighbours trusted and helped each other. In the final episode of Why It Matters, we bring you to the good old kampung days, and revisit the kampung spirit that we might have lost.

The final episode “The Disappearing Kampung Spirit” brings you to the early days of Singapore, reminiscing the good old days when the whole neighbourhood was like one big family.

The older generation who grew up in kampungs most certainly have fond memories of their childhood, living in wooden attap houses, chasing chickens in their backyards, leaving their doors unlocked.

Nowadays, most people live in close proximity with their neighbours but very few enjoy the same kind of close bonds that once ran deep in the kampungs.

How can Singaporeans revive the kampung spirit? Watch the 2-minute animation to understand why it matters.

About Why It Matters:

Why It Matters(关我什么事) is one of 10 SPH-produced short form digital video series as part of a pilot Public Service Broadcast initiative. This 8-part animation series focuses on the sights and sounds that are gradually disappearing from this world, including languages, cultures, flora and fauna.

This series is also available on the zaobao.sg website and mobile app.