Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

Declining worker satisfaction in Singapore should set off alarm bells as it does not bode well for productivity, business reporter Rachael Boon said. Organisations here have some way to go in closing the gap between disillusioned employees and their work culture. http://str.sg/4rwc

The Land Transport Authority's push for the public transport system to go cashless by 2020 would save money, which could be pumped back into improving the system. But transport correspondent Adrian Lim said care must be taken to ensure that no commuter is left behind as public transport has to be inclusive. http://str.sg/4K9s

Smoke alarms will be installed in all new homes from June next year. Housing correspondent Ng Jun Sen said the warning device will prevent injuries or even death, but they are useful only if residents maintain them in good working condition. http://str.sg/4KzG

Prime Minister Najib Razak is calling Malaysia's East Coast Rail Link "an alternative trade route" for those navigating the busy Strait of Malacca via Singapore. The 688km track signals Malaysia's intention to reduce its reliance on Singapore as a key logistics hub, said Malaysia bureau chief Shannon Teoh. http://str.sg/4KLK

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority will hand out tenders for new farmland on a concept rather than price basis. Environment reporter Audrey Tan said this fixed-price approach will give farmers more liquidity to invest in high-tech equipment or research and development to increase productivity and yield. http://str.sg/4rZd

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