Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

Singapore's Cyber Security Bill, released on July 10 for public consultation, has been called the Big Brother Bill. Senior technology correspondent Irene Tham said the breadth of the Bill is staggering, but it needs to be as cyber attacks have been getting more rampant. http://str.sg/4RXA

A survey commissioned by the National Population and Talent Division found that six in 10 singles were not dating seriously, and the rest said they had never dated seriously before. Social affairs correspondent Janice Tai said while the Government has plans to develop the dating landscape here, care needs to be taken so that dating and love will not be commoditised. http://str.sg/4RnZ

The Health Promotion Board's healthier option tag for hawker stalls is part of the board's attempts to deal with rising obesity rates in Singapore. Health reporter Linette Lai said that labelling healthier foods is one small part of getting people to think about what they are eating, but it will not be enough. http://str.sg/4RAk

ElderShield is currently run by three insurance companies, and focus groups which have been discussing the scheme have called for the Government to take over. Senior health correspondent Salma Khalik said there is no need for three insurers as there is no competition among them. Having only one insurer also ensures that decisions on payouts are uniform. http://str.sg/4RNo

The United States sub-prime housing bubble burst 10 years ago, setting off efforts to overhaul the world's banking system. But business reporter Ann Williams said any delay or rollback of banking reforms must be carefully managed as banks still face risks, as can be seen from the recent Italian government bailout of two regional banks. http://str.sg/4RTY

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