Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

The latest Graciousness Survey by the Singapore Kindness Movement found that fewer people in Singapore are concerned about having better neighbourly ties. Reporter Priscilla Goy noted that with more elderly people living alone, the rising incidence of family violence and the threat of self-radicalised individuals, the role of the neighbour as eyes and ears on the ground is even more vital today. http://str.sg/4aUU

There have been various initiatives to make public transport more accessible and inclusive. Reporter Zhaki Abdullah said that as Singapore moves towards being a car-lite society, it is essential that public transport be made as attractive an option as owning a vehicle for those travelling with elderly parents and young children. http://str.sg/4Et9

Smaller construction companies will inevitably be left in the dust in the national push for new building technologies which do not come cheap. Housing reporter Ng Jun Sen noted that more than half of the Building and Construction Authority's $800 million construction productivity and capability fund will help some 8,000 small and medium-sized contractors upgrade their abilities. http://str.sg/4EH7

The Government has drawn up a list of proposed amendments to rules governing travel agencies. Consumer reporter Tiffany Fumiko Tay said that tighter regulations, coupled with increasing online competition, may weed out weaker players but the move will help safeguard consumer interests. http://str.sg/4Eah

The Singapore National Olympic Council and SportSingapore have stepped in to assume responsibility for the athletes' campaign for the upcoming SEA Games after yet another bout of infighting at Singapore Athletics. Sports reporter May Chen said that sports associations exist to support athletes and the latter's interests must always come first. http://str.sg/4E6b

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