Why It Matters

Toh Wen Li
Toh Wen Li

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

Obesity is an issue that begins in childhood and worsens in adulthood. Health reporter Linette Lai noted that in Singapore, obesity rates will reach 15 per cent in seven years. But such weighty issues need to be tackled as obesity can lead to other health complications. http://str.sg/4EAP

The construction sector in Singapore needs to wean itself off cheap labour and build its technological capabilities. Business reporter Wong Siew Ying said weaker firms should be allowed to fail as a frail construction industry poses risks to others linked to the sector. http://str.sg/4ENe

More young people are turning to "smart drugs" to help with cramming. Such cognitive enhancers are becoming easier to get, but education reporter Calvin Yang said the authorities need to get tough on brazen sellers, and parents and schools need to play their part by focusing less on academic grades. http://str.sg/4ETB

Singapore and China have been exploring new platforms for cultural engagement. Reporter Toh Wen Li said greater cultural collaboration will offer more avenues to bolster ties between the two countries as their relationship evolves. http://str.sg/4E3A

The city of Marawi in the Philippines has been under the control of terrorists for nearly a month now. Philippines correspondent Raul Dancel said the longer the siege lasts, the more it will inspire militants, and tackling this issue requires a more coordinated response. http://str.sg/4EkZ

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