Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

A new law requires employers to rehire workers aged 65, if they want to keep working, till they are 67 or give them a golden handshake. Manpower correspondent Toh Yong Chuan noted that many confuse the re-employment age for the retirement age, which is 62. http://str.sg/4WGK

Singapore is reviewing the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVs), introduced in 2013, to curb carbon emissions. Senior transport correspondent Christopher Tan said that more can be done to cut carbon emissions by extending CEVs to all vehicles, including commercial or goods vehicles, as well as offering a better rebate scheme. http://str.sg/4W5c

Sport Singapore (SportSG) has said it will administer the Tote Board's funding to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). Sports writer Wang Meng Meng said the move is significant as the FAS will now have to justify the use of the fund and a second opinion on the best way to use the funding could be good for the sport, which has been underperforming in recent years. http://str.sg/4W3g

A new scheme which allows independent trained volunteers to accompany young people who are being questioned by police will help mitigate a stressful experience. Reporter Seow Bei Yi added that the scheme provides a safeguard but will also require the public's support in coming forward as volunteers. http://str.sg/4PtW

Financial institutions now have to establish the tax residency status of all their account holders as Singapore is adhering to the "Common Reporting Standard". Under this standard, countries with agreements will automatically exchange financial data for tax purposes. Assistant business editor Yasmine Yahya said this will ensure funds parked here are clean. http://str.sg/4PV3

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