Why It Matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

The Ministry of Health has finally approved a three-year trial to screen embryos used in IVF treatments. Senior health correspondent Salma Khalik said any thing that improves women's chances of conceiving is good, especially given the costs, financial and emotional, of IVF treatments. http://str.sg/4MNF

Indonesia bureau chief Francis Chan said Singapore and Indonesia have taken significant steps to deepen relations between the two countries at the first Leaders' Retreat held on Nov 14. Despite scepticism from some observers, both nations' leaders have demonstrated commitment to strengthening ties. http://str.sg/4MTA

Prime Minister Najib Razak is rolling out several infrastructure projects in which China has major stakes. Malaysia bureau chief Shannon Teoh noted that while foreign investments in mega-projects are usually a good sign for the economy, Malaysia also has its fair share of white elephants. http://str.sg/4M3r

Beijing's interpretation of Hong Kong's Basic Law has increased tensions in the city, Hong Kong correspondent Joyce Lim observed. The decision, meant to nip Hong Kong's separatist movement in the bud, has instead proved divisive and is likely to generate more discontent. http://str.sg/4gvY

The law that gives unwed mothers 16 weeks of paid maternity leave signals that the child of an unwed mother is as valuable to Singapore as the child of a married couple. Reporter Koh Xing Hui said it was heartening to see MPs backing this move in Parliament. http://str.sg/4gji

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