Why it matters

Every day on Page 2 of The Straits Times, reporters write about why certain news reports matter to readers. This is a weekly round-up of the columns.

The SGfuture dialogue series saw some 8,300 Singaporeans contributing their ideas on issues affecting the country. Assistant political editor Tham Yuen-C said that what emerged from 121 sessions is that Singaporeans want, and will play, a bigger role in areas such as policymaking and problem solving in the next stage of the country's development. http://str.sg/4TFZ

Dictator Ferdinand Marcos died in 1989 but the issue of where to bury the dictator is still a divisive one in the Philippines. Philippines correspondent Raul Dancel said President Rodrigo Duterte supports the Marcos family's demand that the dictator be buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani, where some of the nation's leaders and war heroes are buried. But a hero's burial would rub salt into the wounds of the families of thousands who suffered under Marcos' brutal martial law. http://str.sg/4TKz

Eight well-known Indian restaurants have banded together to set up a $2.5 million central kitchen in Tuas. It is the first time rival restaurants have collaborated in this fashion, entrusting their recipes to one unit. Manpower reporter Olivia Ho noted that the innovation was forced on the businesses by the labour crunch in the food and beverage sector, but businesses in other sectors should take note of how they can collaborate to increase productivity in the light of manpower shortages. http://str.sg/4Tut

China's assertiveness has not abated, with new military deployments in the disputed South China Sea as well as the Sino-Indian border. Associate editor (global affairs) Ravi Velloor said that intelligence analysts see these activities, as well as the recent arrests of some top military brass in Beijing, as linked to President Xi Jinping's moves to consolidate power and impose authority on the Chinese military. http://str.sg/4T86

The Bank of England (BOE) cut its interest rate for the first time in seven years as part of an exceptional stimulus package to prop up a post-Brexit economic slump. Assistant business editor Yasmine Yahya said the BOE's bold moves paint a bleak picture of Britain's economy. http://str.sg/4TsU

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