What's News: Sept 2, 2017


Solar-ready HDB rooftops

Sustainable living has received a boost with the Housing Board planning to redesign the rooftops of new blocks to be solar-ready. The redesign will make it faster and cheaper to install solar panels. As of now, 18 projects in Punggol, Bidadari and Bukit Batok have been chosen to have the new solar-ready roofs.


India to link its biggest rivers

India will start in about a month a US$87 billion (S$118 billion) scheme to connect some of the country's biggest rivers, a project Prime Minister Narendra Modi hopes will end deadly floods and droughts. He has personally pushed through clearances for the first phase of the project despite opposition, sources said.

The promenade along the Sabarmati river after heavy rain in Ahmedabad, India, in July. PHOTO: REUTERS


Putin's alert on N. Korea crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the United States and North Korea are on the verge of a large-scale conflict, calling for diplomatic dialogue to resolve the crisis. Meanwhile, France also joined the growing list of countries urging China to do more to restrain Pyongyang.


Young fret more about ageing

Younger Singaporeans are more stressed out about ageing and afraid of dying than older people, a study reveals. The report, launched in Tokyo, also found that people who think about ageing the most are in their 30s, while those in their 70s worry the least about it.


Privacy and our digital selves

The push to become a Smart Nation means even lamp posts will soon collect data, and that means everyone needs to reconsider notions of privacy and consent with regard to their digital selves, writes National University of Singapore law dean Simon Chesterman.


Cutting food waste in schools

Ten primary and secondary schools have been leased food-waste digesters by the National Environment Agency in the battle against food wastage.

Students at these schools can use the machines to turn leftovers into compost.


Millennials here to be surveyed

The aspirations, attitudes and experiences of millennials will be examined in a first such survey of youth in Singapore. The National Youth Council and the Institute of Policy Studies Social Lab will track 3,600 people aged between 17 and 24 for six years, starting this year.


Going cashless hard for SMEs

The nationwide push to go cashless is proving a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. Cashless payment solutions often come with high fees for merchants and different systems do not "talk" to one another, hindering widespread adoption, companies told The Straits Times.


Thumping win for France

France coach Didier Deschamps said his side's resounding 4-0 victory over the Netherlands in a World Cup qualifier on Thursday was "hugely satisfying". The Euro 2016 runners-up are now three points clear of Sweden at the top of Group A, after emphasising their strength in depth, particularly going forward. "I am not going to complain about the abundance (of talent)," said Deschamps.



School's rich heritage

A strong Dutch East Indies influence permeates the architecture of the 105-year-old Alsagoff Arab School in Jalan Sultan, as seen from the baroque style of its gable and symmetrical facade. The madrasah was founded in 1912 by a wealthy Arab businessman.


Photographic memory

Dubbed the "Ikea human catalogue", Ms Yanjaa Wintersoul can memorise almost every detail in the furniture giant's 328-page book. ST puts her to the test. http://str.sg/4HnL


Don't mess with her

South Korean MMA fighter Song Ka Yeon shows you some useful self-defence moves. http://str.sg/4He2

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