What's News: March 21, 2017

Mr Duterte meeting Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi during his visit yesterday.
Mr Duterte meeting Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi during his visit yesterday.PHOTO: REUTERS
I Have Nothing To Do With Explosions is part of Off Stage.
I Have Nothing To Do With Explosions is part of Off Stage.PHOTO: DAVE LIM


Advancing smart nation drive

The Smart Nation Programme Office will absorb the Government Technology Agency and whole-of-government technology planning teams from the Finance and Communications and Information ministries, in a move to turbocharge smart nation projects.


Impact of carbon tax on firms

The carbon tax to be implemented from 2019 is likely to hit large businesses harder than households and small firms. A government paper said a tax of $10 to$20 per tonne of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions could increase business operating costs equivalent to a 6.4 per cent to 12.7 percent hike in current oil prices.


Duterte’s S. China Sea flip-flop

When Mr Rodrigo Duterte was running for president in 2015, he disputed China’s claim over almost the entire South China Sea, where the Philippines had overlapping claims. But now, with China pouring billions’ worth of trade and investments into his country, Mr Duterte seems to be singing a different tune, and it is not sitting well with pundits.


Alleged assassination plot

A Thai police claim of a murder plot against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has sparked a war of words between the government and a fugitive “red shirt” activist. The alleged plot was unveiled at the weekend after weapons were found in a house during a raid.


Trump’s Asia policy

Two months into Mr Donald Trump’s presidency, the shape of his Asia policy can be discerned.

On foreign policy towards Asia, there is some scope for relief after the initial bluster. Trade, however, is another matter, says Dr Joseph Chinyong Liow. 


Commuters’ art goes places

Drawings by a group of public transport commuters known as the Commute Sketchers are on display at some bus interchanges and train stations. The artists document their surroundings while travelling on trains, buses and other forms of transport.


New chiefs at NHB and BCA

The National Heritage Board will get a new chief executive from May 1. Ms Chang Hwee Nee will take over from Mrs Rosa Daniel, who has become CEO of the National Arts Council. The Building and Construction Authority will also have a new CEO, Mr Hugh Lim, from June 1.


24-month deadline for SGX

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has been given 24 months to complete the implementation of measures aimed at enhancing its operations in the wake of a major trading disruption in July last year. SGX will contribute $1.5 million to co-fund the costs that may be incurred by brokerages to implement these measures, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said yesterday.


Draw gives Pep joyous relief

After 21 trophies with Barcelona and Bayern, Pep Guardiola may have been a little over the top to say Manchester City’s 1-1 home Premier League draw with Liverpool was “one of the happiest days of my life as a manager”. But it shows his relief after City’s elimination by Monaco from the Champions League midweek.


Dance fest seeks wider reach

OffStage, a showcase of three promising works-in-progress, is one of the new components of this year’s M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, which aims to draw a more diverse crowd. The festival runs from June 2 to July 7.

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