What's News: June 20, 2017

Race appears to affect how Malaysians express concerns about the economy at the ballot box.
Race appears to affect how Malaysians express concerns about the economy at the ballot box.PHOTO: REUTERS


Laws to fight fake news soon

Expect laws to tackle fake news to be introduced next year, Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said at the start of a two-day conference on the issue of fake news yesterday. Panellists also discussed ways media outlets and others can build trust, and call out and combat fake news.


Teaming up for security at sea

The Philippines is looking to tap the capabilities and personnel of a maritime security information- sharing centre in Singapore to support its joint operations with Indonesia and Malaysia around the Sulu Sea. The Information Fusion Centre collects and analyses information on vessels at sea before sharing it with international maritime partners.


Malaysia's voting divide

Most Malaysians worry about the state of the economy, surveys show, but how they express these concerns at the ballot box varies according to their ethnicity. The country's Malay-Muslim majority largely see the ruling government as a buffer against financial hardship. But many Chinese view the government as part and parcel of their economic problem.


Macron still faces challenges

French President Emmanuel Macron has completed his political takeover of France after his party secured a crushing overall majority in the country's parliamentary ballots. But that does not mean his plans to implement deep economic reforms are made any easier.


Tapping Belt and Road growth

Knowledge of South-east Asia and networks in the region are what Singapore firms bring to projects arising from China's massive Belt and Road Initiative. Mr Ho Chee Hin of IE Singapore suggests they partner Chinese companies to tap this new source of growth.


Obese as kids, obese as adults

Overweight children here are finding it harder to lose weight than their peers from a few decades ago. Seven in 10 children who were overweight at age seven remained that way well into their adult years, the Health Promotion Board found in its latest study on obesity.


Smooth journey to the west

Workers in the Tuas industrial area found their commute times shorter with the opening of the Tuas West Extension at the weekend. Four new stations - Gul Circle, Tuas Crescent, Tuas West Road and Tuas Link - are served on the extension from Joo Koon MRT station.


SGX, A*Star to help tech firms

The Singapore Exchange has teamed up with ETPL, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research's commercialisation arm, to give selected tech companies here better access to capital.

The partnership aims to foster greater information sharing and engagement between the financial and technology communities.


Parties set aside friction

After weeks of animosity between athletes and their coaches on one side and officials on the other, the parties have finally found common ground over dual SEA Games medallist Shanti Pereira.

Her coach Margaret Oh and the Singapore Athletics high performance team will set aside previous friction to work together.

 Two Weeks Later (1985) will be on show at an exhibition at STPI Gallery.
David Hockney's Hotel Acatlan: Two Weeks Later (1985) will be on show at an exhibition at STPI Gallery. PHOTO: RICHARD SCHMIDT


Free David Hockney exhibition

A solo show of works by celebrated British artist David Hockney will open on July 1 at STPI Gallery. Titled David Hockney: A Matter Of Perspective, the exhibition will feature 36 prints, drawn mostly from the Singapore Art Museum's collection. It runs till Sept 9, and admission is free.

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Find out how they got reunited.



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