What's News: June 19, 2017


Belt up, rear-seat passengers

Passengers who do not belt up when they are in the back of a vehicle suffer more severe injuries in accidents, according to records from two hospitals in Singapore. Such passengers' injuries could be worse as they react less quickly, or are flung about in a vehicle during collisions.


Students taking 'smart drugs'

Some students from secondary school to university are turning to "smart drugs" to help them go without sleep for hours, in order to give them an edge in their studies, especially during examinations.

However, the authorities said that the sale or supply of some of these drugs is illegal.

Mr Emmanuel Macron's party and its allies are set to win a huge majority in Parliament.
Mr Emmanuel Macron's party and its allies are set to win a huge majority in Parliament. PHOTO: REUTERS


'Macron mania' in French polls

The theory has been aired several times over the past week: French voters are so desperate for change and for new President Emmanuel Macron to succeed that they are blindly electing his party's candidates to Parliament. Polls suggested that Mr Macron's Republic on the Move party and its allies were set to win up to 470 seats out of 577 in parliamentary elections yesterday, one of the biggest majorities in decades.


Embattled May in Brexit talks

With her strategy unclear and her position insecure, British Prime Minister Theresa May plunges this week into tortuous divorce talks with the European Union that will shape Britain's prosperity for generations to come. Brexit talks begin in Brussels today.


Tough choices to save Europe

Although stronger, the European Union is not out of danger. Brexit deals a blow to its budget and defence; economic nationalism and immigration remain issues. To save Europe, its leaders must make tough choices, writes Europe correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


Saluting national servicemen

The "We Salute Our NSmen" campaign, launched by Safra yesterday, encourages the public to salute national servicemen they know or meet in their daily lives. They are also encouraged to post a photo or video of their salute on social media with words of appreciation, as well as the hashtags #NS50salute and #safrasg.


Code Pink? Baby kidnapped

Hospitals have a variety of colour codes to deal with emergencies, including the sudden collapse of a patient, a heart attack in a heavily pregnant woman, and even the attempted abduction of a baby.


Belt and Road gains for Asean

China has been ramping up investments in Asean as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to recreate the ancient Silk Road trading routes between Asia and Europe.


Trouble at S'pore Athletics

The resentment among officials of Singapore Athletics (SA) reared its ugly head yesterday after photos of a WhatsApp conversation surfaced. The photos of the chat, understood to have been taken last week, showed SA vice-president (training and selection) Govindasamy Balasekaran instructing staff to get good evidence to ensure coaches Margaret Oh and David Yeo face disciplinary action.



Gurmit Singh, this is your life

Comedian Gurmit Singh delves into his past - dealing with issues such as an impoverished childhood, coping with epilepsy and his parents' death - in his memoir, What Was I Thinking? The launch will be held at Books Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City, on Saturday at 4pm.


Twister tales

A waterspout was spotted off Singapore's shores yesterday. Take a look at other recent weather phenomena seen here and in the region. http://str.sg/4bFy


Bike abuse

A man was filmed throwing a shared bike into a canal and riding inside an MRT station, in the latest abuse case involving shared bikes. http://str.sg/4bFF

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