What's News: Jan 23, 2018

US Defence Secretary James Mattis
US Defence Secretary James MattisPHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


Ageing population in focus

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has hinted that measures to better support seniors will be a focus at next month's Budget. The ageing population has become one of the urgent challenges for the Government, and the 4G leaders have banded together to mull over what Singapore "needs to do differently in the coming years".


Bullish over S'pore-Lanka FTA

Singapore businesses were bullish about the Sri Lanka market a day after the announcement of the Singapore-Sri Lanka free trade agreement. One area they expect to benefit from is tariff reduction as imported goods sometimes face tariffs of up to 80 per cent. But a backlash from Sri Lankan domestic groups may be gaining momentum.


Mattis starts Asia trip

US Defence Secretary James Mattis has begun a one-week trip to Asia, hoping to strengthen defence cooperation with Indonesia and Vietnam as regional Chinese military power looms ever larger. In Vietnam, Mr Mattis and his counterparts are set to discuss freedom of movement in the South China Sea, a region over which Beijing has extended its dominance in recent years.


Big turnout for Davos forum

European leaders will be out in force at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week to defend multilateralism before US President Donald Trump arrives to deliver his "America First" message.

There is a nagging fear that the brighter economic outlook at the moment could turn out to be little more than a mirage.


Disruption as opportunity

Disruption is difficult, but small economies are well-placed to thrive, due to their adaptability, push for productivity and tight labour markets, says David Skilling.


Campsite on Coney Island

A temporary campsite is being prepared on Coney Island for students taking part in a national outdoor adventure programme.

This is happening before the new $250 million Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) campus is ready by 2020.


NTU's all electric shuttle

Hop on the NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle, a fully electric 22-seat vehicle that takes only 20 seconds to recharge. Launched by Nanyang Technological University and BlueSG, the shuttle will ply between NTU and CleanTech Park in a test run from the second half of the year.


Low priority for sustainability

Mid-sized firms here have fallen behind their global peers when it comes to adopting sustainable business practices, according to an HSBC report yesterday. Despite recognising the benefits, only 26 per cent of the Singapore respondents consider sustainability as one of their top three long-term objectives. The global average was 30 per cent.


New features for OCBC Cycle

OCBC Cycle participants will have the option of using rental bicycles for the event on May 5-6. A partnership with bike-sharing firm Mobike means the rental service is free for those who create Mobike accounts and sign up for the event. A new category, The Corporate Chase, will see companies represented by four-person teams to compete.



Musical with Hokkien songs

Toy Factory Productions' Mandarin-Hokkien musical, Sometime Moon, is written by Goh Boon Teck, who was inspired in part by the history of a 100-year-old clan association in Singapore.

The title of the musical comes from a proverb which means life has its ups and downs.

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One year of Trump

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Fancy crusts

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