What's News: Feb 7, 2017

One of the medium-range DF-16 missiles deployed in the exercise.
One of the medium-range DF-16 missiles deployed in the exercise.PHOTO: SINA WEIBO


Presidential election in Sept

This year's presidential election will be pushed back to September, and campaign rules will be changed to discourage divisive electioneering.

Election rally sites will no longer be designated - candidates can pick their preferred sites, but must apply for a permit. The Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill was passed yesterday.


Schoolings bag ST award

The Schoolings won the The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2016 award, which is supported by bank UBS Singapore. Olympic champion Joseph Schooling credited his success to his parents, Colin and May. The family plan to donate the $20,000 cash prize. 


China displays missiles in drill

Chinese ballistic missiles capable of striking American and Japanese bases in Asia have made their latest appearance in a drill held during the Chinese New Year holiday.

In a video posted last week on the Chinese Defence Ministry's website, the medium-range DF-16 missiles were shown being deployed as part of the Rocket Force missile brigade's exercise, reported the Associated Press.


Forced sale of properties

Australia has ordered the sale of 15 properties illegally acquired by overseas buyers in a crackdown on breaches of foreign investment laws. There has been concern that overseas buyers are driving up property prices, making housing less affordable in major cities. 


The tragedy of OCD

To suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder is like being in the grip of an evil spirit, writes Professor Chong Siow Ann. The tragedy, he adds, is that so many Singaporeans do so for years without seeking help, even though OCD is a treatable condition. 


Commuter happiness hits high

In the Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey last year, commuters indicated that they were at their happiest with public transport since 2008. More than 3,800 regular bus and MRT commuters, aged 15 years and above, were interviewed. 



Ho Fook Kee name-dropped prominent Singaporeans, including Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh, to allegedly scam victims all over the world of US$50 million. The Singaporean is being investigated by the Commercial Affairs Department for an unrelated case.


FSL Trust manager's CEO quits

The chief executive of the trust manager of First Ship Lease (FSL) Trust has quit abruptly after being confronted by the board on matters involving potential misconduct and breach of duties.

Mr Alan Hatton, who had been CEO since August 2013, resigned last Thursday.


New beach volleyball coach

Canada's Dean Martin has been appointed by the Volleyball Association of Singapore as the new national beach volleyball coach.

The 30-year-old wants to achieve success on the Asian circuit, and is also aiming to qualify for the Asian Games next year.

Despite Singapore's modest population of about 500 regular beach volleyball players, Martin said: "There is a large amount of potential on the athletes' side."


Online store for local reads

Singapore's first online bookstore focusing entirely on local books, localbooks.sg, aims to shine a light on local writing and will hold its first pop-up store later this month as part of the #BuySingLit campaign.

Straits Times Digital


Befriender, beloved

Volunteer Ng Run Qian, 29, spends her nights with seniors, some of whom now see her as part of the family.



Bookshop for the ages

"The feel of a physical book is always special," says Mr Billy Goh, owner of the 80-year-old Teo Chew Book Store.


What it should have been

In Sunday's report, "Invest in a cask of whisky to age or sell", we said that the buy-in for The B28 Whisky Fund is $2,000.

This is wrong. The buy-in is $25,000.

We are sorry for the error.

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