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What are the book clubs in our libraries?


Once a month, you may find a small gathering of people, accompanied by loud chatter that betrays the size of the group.

You have witnessed a book club session, set up at different public libraries to discuss books and for readers to share their favourite titles.

The assortment of book clubs reflects the multiracial landscape of Singapore, with gatherings in English and our Mother Tongue languages — Chinese, Malay and Tamil. 

They also target different age groups. Some are for young readers, encouraging them to read regularly in their mother tongue languages. Others are geared towards seniors. 

Those with varied interests can also look forward to the Read-Aloud Sg Book Club, where reading aloud is not only allowed but also encouraged! There is also The Book Lovers’ Club, which caters to singles. 


The book clubs all have one thing in common — to share the passion for books with likeminded people. The libraries offer more than paperbacks; they offer conversations too.

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