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What are different age groups reading?


Readers here are hungry for mysteries and thrillers - according to the inaugural National Reading Habits Survey last year, which polled more than 3,500 Singapore residents aged 20 and older.

Mysteries and thrillers are the top choice for male readers in their 20s (35% read this genre) and joint top choice for young female readers (47% read mysteries and thrillers, similar proportion as those who read romance and love stories). The genre is also popular among older readers up to their 50s, ranking either first or second for all age groups and genders.

For male readers aged 30 and older, the top three genres - in some order or another - are mysteries, science fiction, and humour. Younger male readers also enjoy graphic novels, comics and manga (31% of readers aged 20-29, 22% of readers aged 30-39 read this genre).

Romance and love stories are popular with female readers (47% of readers aged 20-29, 28% of readers aged 30-39, 24% of readers aged 40-49 read this genre). But for older female readers aged 50 years old and above, mysteries and thrillers, and humour are the top two genres.

Overall, 57% of readers read fiction. Fiction is still widely read by the younger age groups, with 82% of the readers aged 20-29 and 68% of the readers aged 30-39 doing so.

Across all the age groups, 98% of readers read non-fiction. Young male readers aged 20-29 are interested in health and fitness, sports, and computers and IT, while young female readers aged 20-29 in travel and in fashion, beauty and grooming. For older male readers, non-fiction information about Singapore is their No. 1 pick, while older female readers read about Singapore-related information, cooking as well as health and fitness.

For more information, please visit: 2016 National Reading Habits Study on Adults (Full Report).

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