Volunteers to explain government schemes to all seniors aged 65 and up: PM Lee

A coordinator for the Pioneer Generation (PG) Ambassadors programme explains the PG package to a senior citizen.
A coordinator for the Pioneer Generation (PG) Ambassadors programme explains the PG package to a senior citizen.PHOTO: BERITA HARIAN

SINGAPORE - A volunteer scheme, put in place two years ago to explain the benefits that Singapore's pioneers are entitled to, will now be expanded to reach out to all senior citizens.

The change will help to ensure that those above 65 are aware of the various government schemes that they can tap, and is part of broader government efforts to bring peace of mind to seniors, said the Pioneer Generation Office in a press release.

Pioneer Generation Ambassadors will go door-to-door to visit about 90,000 seniors aged 65 and older who are not included in the Pioneer Generation Package, which covers those who turn 67 and older this year.

During these home visits, the volunteers will explain relevant government schemes such as MediShield Life, the Community Health Assist Scheme, GST vouchers and the Silver Support scheme.

Announcing the change on Saturday (July 9), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: "That way we can take care of our seniors, whether pioneers or not, and keep in touch with them."

He explained that the Pioneer Generation Ambassador programme was set up to communicate and explain the benefits of the package, but many volunteers went the extra mile, he said at a dinner to thank about 120 of them at Anchorvale Community Club.

They help connect pioneers to community activities so these pioneers stay healthy and active, and help pioneers get help from the Government, Mr Lee said.

He encouraged seniors to open their doors to these volunteers - but also look for their official ambassador t-shirts and lanyards.

There are currently more than 3,000 Pioneer Generation Ambassadors and they have visited about 300,000 of the 430,000 pioneers in their homes as of June. A third of these pioneers were visited more than once.