Video of woman on the horn and arguing near son's school goes viral

A video of a furious car driver sounding her horn incessantly during a road row has attracted more than 55,000 views online in less than four days.

The minute-long clip was filmed at around 3pm last Friday as the mystery woman went to collect her son from school in Bedok.

It shows her at the wheel of her silver Toyota Corolla arguing with residents as she honks her horn away at a red car stuck in front of her.

Peeved residents shouted at her to stop the noise and threatened to call the police.

The clip was posted onto citizen journalism website Stomp on Sunday and by last night, it had been seen more than 55,000 times and attracted 161 comments.

Residents told The Straits Times how the woman has been plaguing them since last month when St Hilda's Primary School moved to a holding site in the area formerly housing Bedok South Secondary.

They said that in the early mornings and afternoons, cars would enter the cul-de-sac between blocks 64 and 65 to deliver or pick up their children and drivers sounding their horns had become common.

But they added that the woman in the video has been louder than the rest - jolting some residents from their sleep as early as 7am.

Things came to a head on Friday, with the police called to the dispute at around 3.20pm.

No injuries were reported and the two parties were "advised accordingly", police said.

Onlookers claimed that even though her son was waiting by the kerb, the woman did not let him walk up to the car and insisted on driving right up to him.

She also refused to reverse her vehicle so that the red car facing her could pass.

Madam Junaidah Zainol, 60, witnessed the incident while waiting to pick up her grandson from St Hilda's Primary after supplementary lessons.

The housewife said: "She kept saying, 'This one is my parking lot, this one is my parking lot!' How can the parking lot belong to anybody?"

Madam Maria Lim, 60, also a housewife, said: "I saw a man bang the car with his hand, hitting the front to ask her to stop honking."

St Hilda's Primary's principal Kew Mee Ying said that prior to last Friday's incident, the school had not received complaints regarding the noise made by this particular parent.

She said: "Our school staff were alerted on Friday and we have spoken with the parent."

Madam Kew added that the school is working with the Bedok Residents' Committee to examine the problem of the pick-up and drop-off points for parents.

Photos of Friday's incident were also shared on Facebook.

On Monday, traffic wardens began situating themselves at the entrance of the cul-de-sac - which only has spaces for residents' cars with valid parking season tickets - to restrict others from turning into it.

Alternative parking areas are available nearby.

Like many of her neighbours, Ms Poh Huat Keow, 64, was drawn to watch the commotion from her kitchen window, but she says that since the incident, the honking has died down.

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