Video of woman leaving young child precariously on a ledge goes viral

SINGAPORE - The sight of a small girl sitting alone on a ledge of a HDB block, with her legs dangling out in the air, has shocked netizens.

A video of a woman believed to be the child's mother leaving her in the precarious state has gone viral. It has garnered almost 5,000 views and has been shared 3,000 times since March 7.


In the video uploaded to Must Be Singapore's Facebook page, a neighbour can be heard calling the woman out from her house. "Hello, you put your daughter like that? If your husband sees you like that, you husband will scold you, you know. You put your daughter like that, you make me scared," the neighbour said.

In the video, the woman, who appears to be a foreigner, does not immediately remove her child from the ledge, but instead goes back into her house. She comes out again moments later.

At the end of the 2 1/2-minute video, a man, believed to be the woman's husband, is seen talking to her. It was not very clear in the video if the child was brought to safety.

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