Video of boss abusing employee goes viral

A 17-SECOND video documenting what looks to be verbal and physical abuse inflicted on an employee by his boss in a Singapore office went viral over the weekend.

Footage shows a man continually hitting the head of his younger subordinate, punctuated by the use of rough words.

The unnamed abuser first uses his fist to strike a blow at the start of the video and is shortly interrupted by a young man who steps in and asks the abuser to stop.

But the bespectacled supervisor ignores the mediator, continuing to strike three consecutive blows on the silent victim who remains seated.

YouTube has since taken down the original post which was shared last Friday night, but the video is still present on other platforms.

The videographer stated online that he is an intern at the company where he claims the abuse occurs regularly.

What is known of the intern so far is that he goes by the user name "Shane M" on YouTube and adopts the pseudonym "redfanatic" on popular online forum HardwareZone.

"The victim is shy and doesn't want to do anything about it. There doesn't (sic) anyone in the workplace that will do anything about this," Shane M posted on the forum.

Social media users are actively following the developing story, with more than 5,700 shares on a Facebook community page as at 10pm last night.

The mystery videographer stated early last Saturday that he plans to speak to human resources and possibly the Ministry of Manpower today.


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