US Embassy in Singapore challenges staff to Singlish test for National Day

SINGAPORE - The staff at the United States Embassy in Singapore may be multilingual, but how well do they know their Singlish?

In a video posted on National Day titled The Great Singlish Challenge, five staff members are asked to complete six sentences with either lah, lor or leh.

Together, the sentences form a birthday message to Singapore:

"Wah! Singapore is turning 53 already leh! Ok lah... 53 is still considered very young!"

"Yah lor! And they've accomplished so much in such a short time! Everyone is so friendly... and the food... shiok lah!"

"You know right, the US-Singapore diplomatic relationship started in 1966, just one year after Singapore gained independence leh! Thanks leh Singapore... for your friendship all these years!"

The video was posted in celebration of Singapore's 53rd birthday.

One of the staff members, Liz, said: "I've only been in Singapore six months but I'm already loving it and seeing that the US and Singapore have a really strong relationship."

The US Embassy provided The Straits Times with the first names of the staff who appeared in the video.

Another named Frank added: "Here's to another 53 years of health, happiness and friendship between our two nations. Steady lah!"