Upgrading work to be carried out at Tampines Changkat Community Club

SINGAPORE - Tampines Changkat Community Club will undergo a facelift later this year or early next year.

The upgrading work, which will take about 18 months, is being based on feedback from 600 or so residents who were consulted about how to improve certain programmes and activities. These consultations are ongoing.

One key addition will be co-working spaces for students and professionals.

Apart from the upgrading, the community club has been piloting several other activities this year, including the Wheels of Love initiative. This involves providing free wheelchair repair and maintenance services while forging stronger bonds between young people and residents.

There are 12 members of the club's Youth Executive Committee (YEC) aged from 15 to 21 taking part in the initiative.

YEC volunteers typically undergo six training sessions to learn the basics of wheelchair maintenance and repair.

Volunteer Daing Izz Isyraf, 18, said: "Youths should learn to do this kind of things so they can help their grandparents or their parents once they are older."

Young Health Heroes is another initiative being piloted. The aim is to educate potential child ambassadors on the importance of exercise and then get them to encourage seniors to keep fit as well.

Mr Desmond Choo, adviser to Tampines Changkat Grassroots Organisations and the mayor of North East District, said: "Many of our seniors' key motivation is to be able to stay healthy to look after their own grandchildren. We find that our younger residents still hold the most important leverage of getting their grandparents to see a doctor or go for screenings."

The community club will work alongside schools, including the Tampines PAP Community Foundation kindergartens, to get 150 child ambassadors for the Tampines Changkat district.

This initiative is part of the Let's Get Healthy @ North East programme targeted at encouraging residents over 40 to have health screenings and to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy.