Two NSFs injured after grenade incident discharged from hospital

THE two Singapore Armed Forces servicemen who were injured after a hand grenade exploded in mid-air were discharged from hospital on Saturday.

Second-Lieutenant Kamalasivam Shanmuganathan and Recruit Abdul Hamid Abdul Smad were in good spirits before they were discharged when the Chief of Army MG Ravinder Singh visited them in the morning at Changi General Hospital, said an update on the SAF's Facebook page.

They were injured during a training exercise at Pulau Tekong on Friday morning after a Rec Abdul Hamid accidentally released the hand grenade's level while pulling out the safety pin.

He was saved by the swift action of 2Lt Kamalasivam who immediately instructed him to throw the grenade towards a designated impact area, then shileded the recruit with his own body.

The more junior serviceman sustained a finger injury, while his officer was hit in his shoulder.

Yesterday, Rec Abdul Hamid said in an update on the SAF's Facebook page that he was "thankful for 2LT Kamalasivam's actions".

The Chief of Army also praised the officer for his bravery and courage, and presented him with a Chief of Army coin, given to soldiers who have gone beyond the call of duty.

In a similar incident in 2008, 2LT Kok Khew Fai had throw himself over a recruit after the recruit dropped a grenade during a grenade-throwing exercise. The pair escaped unscathed.

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